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2024 : My year of bringing employers and people with a disability together!

Persons with disabilities represent about 15% of the world’s population. But their participation in the workforce is disproportionately low. Worldwide, estimates hold that up to 80% are not employed.

Think carefully about the following:

“Since 80% of disabilities are acquired between the ages of 16 and 64, it ’s crucial to remember that anyone could become a person with a disability at any time; there is no “us” and “them .”

I am constantly perturbed by comments from employers about hiring people with a disability. There are so many assumptions made, based on attitudes that have no basis in fact. I am sure the following have been heard by many, or in fact resonate with many :

1. “they wont be able to do the job”

2. “there is a higher risk they will get injured at work”

3. “they will have a negative impact on productivity”

4. “they will take more sick leave than others”

5. “it will cost too much for me accommodate them”

Evidence actually shows the above to be untrue, some of the evidence that debunks this is:

1. A study of 140 companies in the US that were high in disability inclusion – their productivity was 28% higher than their peers

2. According to the U.S. Job Accommodation Network, a majority of workplace accommodations are made at no cost. In Australia there are many programs that will fund the accommodations required, so this can be at little or no cost to employers

3. Employers reap $40 in savings for every dollar invested in workplace adjustments to support staff with disability, according to a research reported by the Australian Government’s disability employment hub (March 2023)

4. There is even less risk a person with a disability will re-injure as they have been taught how to manage their disability – they know the personal cost of incurring trauma – and are likely to avoid it all costs – making them safer employees, for themselves and others.

The following report highlights a number of facts debunking the myths:

  • Disability-inclusive businesses grow profits more than four times faster than their peers.

  • Employees with disability stay on the job four months longer on average than those without disability.

  • People with disability are safer in the workplace and have 34 per cent fewer accidents than other employees.

In 2024, I am going to bring employers together, to meet people with a disability so we can break down the myths, lets work together so more people with a disability can experience the health benefits of being at work – stay tuned to hear about events in 2024 where you can become an inclusive employer, meet people with a disability and see how much they have to offer you!

If you are an employer that wants to become involved – please reach out!


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