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Injury Management Services

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To achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients we individualise and tailor our approach to our client’s needs, being emphatically committed to client centred holistic return to work and rehabilitation services.


We are focused on actively listening to our client’s needs and collaborating to design a return to work that takes into account biopsychosocial needs and meets personal life requirements.  We are committed to the health benefits of good work, but also understand that means different things to different people, and the path to achieving a return to work will vary from person to person.

No two people are the same, and neither is their path to recovery and return to work.

Beneficent is a signatory organisation to the Australian Consensus Statement of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) on the Health Benefits of Good Work.  Additionally, we are committed to the “It Pays to Care Principles” of honesty, respect, fairness, compassion and collaboration and a trauma informed, do-no-harm approach.


Introduction to Beneficent

Beneficent provides flexible services to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with a tailor made solution to improve mental health in your workplace, and improve your Return To Work and Life outcomes.

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Employment Matching Assessment

A service completed by redeployment specialists that reviews a worker’s return to work capacity, transferable skills and potential employment options against their pre-injury employer's job database to determine if a successful match exists. The full range of employment opportunities with the employer are examined, across all locations relevant to the clients scope of travel.

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Counselling & Support Services

Counselling and coaching support to injured workers in order to deal with the various challenges of being injured at work, promoting positive mental health and return to work. Counselling Support services are individualised counselling sessions to assist to gain insight into emotional and behavioural issues, manage effects of trauma, and achieve personal, social, and vocational development.

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Training Support

Individualised Training Support Services are mentoring services to assist injured workers while completing training or other return to work recovery services so they can remain on track to achieve their goals. It can include assistance with planning study schedules, interpreting assessment questions, using technological solutions while managing and balancing life commitments.

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Helping Hand

Seriously Injured workers are provided a 'hand up' to improve their quality of life. This is an holistic service that can also provide assistance to their family. An SI worker can be assisted with: making community connections, improving their fitness and life skills, connecting with volunteering organisations, developing social networks, accessing retraining or being assisted to develop new career goals and accessing paid employment to return to work.

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Illuminate Job Seeking

A transformation program that educates participants about the impact of trauma, develops emotional intelligence skills and improves an individual’s resilience, stress management skills and overall well-being, building adaptation to new employment. The program focuses on drawing connections between the HBOGW, developing the worker's self confidence and empowering them to make realistic career choices and return to work.

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Illuminate Pre-Injury

A personal transformation program that educates participants about the impact of trauma, develops emotional intelligence skills and improves resilience, stress management skills and overall wellbeing to assist the worker to retain their PI employment. The program focuses on the health benefits of good work (HBOGW) and resolving conflict so that a successful relationship between the injured worker and original employer can be retained.

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Computer Training

Tailored one on one computer training programs for individuals needing to upgrade their computer skills. An assessment is completed at referral to ascertain current skill levels., and an individualised program designed to achieve the necessary skills levels across the following: computer operation, internet, email, word, excel, power point, zoom and use of smartphones and tablets.

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Blossom | A Family Enriching Program

A family enrichment program which is aimed at helping families manage the traumatic changes that occur when a family member experiences a workplace injury. Blossom uses a Family Enrichment and Refinement Plan to help families bring their family goals together through making a series of manageable tweaks to life. This program can also be used when a family member is lost to a workplace accident.

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Workplace Skills Training

This training covers a variety or workplace skills that workers need to feel confident about in a workplace. Many workers need to develop some fundamental skills in order to be confident enough to RTW. We offer courses such as Time Management and Organisation, Maths Fundamentals, Fundamentals of WHS, Basic Manual Handling and Ergonomics and the Health Benefits of Good Work to build confidence for a return to work.

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Job Hunter

We provide practical assistance to achieve a return to work. Beneficents' key features of the Job Hunter program is an Employer Training Incentive (ETI), catering to both employers & participants and the Re-employment Incentive Scheme for Employers (RISE).

"A dream written down with a date becomes a goal...

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan...

A plan backed by action makes your dream come true"

Dr. Greg Reid
Award-Winning Author | Keynote Speaker | Film Producer

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