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Lets talk about evidence - and science!

For any of us that have a science background and also work in the training and education field it is our greatest challenge to be able to explain the scientific basis for our methods and approaches. Evidence is key to our recommendations, and being able to talk to clients in relatable terms is essential if they are to get any benefit from our knowledge.

Professor Huberman’s (from Stanford University) appeal is his ability to demystify very complex things and make the science more applicable and more useful for us. Prof Huberman’s podcasts are a way to “give us entry” to the traditionally exclusive world of science and help us understand the reasons as to why we feel what we feel and behave they we do.

Huberman is giving people free access to the best, most current information about our bodies and minds and a few science-based tools that might help us to work better. His podcasts can be long – so you might need to listen to them in ‘chunks’ – but they are well worth the time.

This is a link to one that is both topical and very interesting – hope you can gain from it.!

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