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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The growing importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) the workplace

The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace has been widely researched now, and as Howes (2023) states “Emotional intelligence is important within the workplace, as indicated by the multitude of positive workplace outcomes associated with heightened emotional intelligence”. Howe (2023) goes on to point out the following:

“Individuals with high emotional intelligence are more likely to embed themselves in and capitalize on the organization’s social network due to their heightened awareness and understanding of the importance of emotions…..emotional intelligence is related to key workplace outcomes including higher leadership effectiveness, salary levels, job performance, and work attitudes such that employees with higher emotional intelligence have higher job satisfaction, higher organizational commitment, and lower turnover intentions”…….”Given these findings, it is evident that individuals with lower levels of emotional intelligence are at a clear disadvantage within the workplace”

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