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Beneficent is a signatory organisation to the Australian Consensus  Statement of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine(AFOEM) on the Health Benefits of Good Work   

Beneficent's services are based on positive psychology and address the following RTW and life blockages:

  • Lack of strategy to address the traumatic impact of injury, illness and compensation

  • Lack of motivation due to having no perceived control of life & being in a state of Learned Helplessness

  • Lack of ability to self calm when trauma hits and survival instincts take over

  • Lack of resilience and emotional control in the face of adverse life events

  • Lack of positive reinforcement and emotional management strategies to drive positive behaviour

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  • Experienced Elite performers, achieving RTW and Life outcomes far in excess of established benchmarks

  • Individually selected for their demonstration of exceptional emotional intelligence skills

  • Trained in the use of positive psychology tools and their benefits

  • Trained in the impact of trauma and the use of practical strategies to reduce the negative impact of trauma on resilience



Beneficent is sister company to Damik Consulting; all Beneficent staff are trained in Emotional Intelligence and Trauma Education.  This  ensures the transfer of learnings from the latest research in Neuroscience to RTW service delivery, resulting in improved health outcomes and return to good work for clients



Damik Consulting provides next practice workplace prevention, injury management and emotional remediation services to prevent the development of negative mental health conditions in the workplace, and build resilience and reduce worklessness for people with injury or illness, through developing emotional intelligence, trauma education, and the use of positive psychology tools.

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